Aluminium Windows

MatesRates offer a range of aluminium windows throughout Scotland. Our installation teams, in Inverness, Glasgow and Aberdeen will be happy to provide you with a free personalised quote.

Why choose our aluminium windows

Classic aluminium flush casement windows

With flush lines to the exterior and a neat square shape
indoors, our aluminium flush casement windows are simple, elegant and understated. The frames are slim, allowing more light into a home than comparable sized PVC-U or timber frames, but built from robust aluminium sections, they’re strong enough to support large panes without the need for reinforcing. The result is pure class.

Opening panes can be top or side hung, and you can choose
almost any configuration. If symmetry is important, dummy sashes allow us to create equal sightlines for opening and non-opening panes.

These windows are designed to work perfectly with high-security hardware, lock systems and hinges
for your complete peace of mind. Choose the colours that best suit a property, handles in contrasting or matching colours and every detail will be made to your exact specification.

A fully flush aluminium casement window

The sleek fully-flush casement window offers the most streamlined look on the market with flush styling for both the interior and exterior. No angles, no overlaps, just pure clean shapes and ultra-thin frames that set our windows apart.

Hardware has been carefully selected. In addition to reliability and durability, every lock, stay, hinge and handle contributes to the high level of security. What’s more, all these practical qualities are delivered without compromising the remarkable lines.

Again, the configuration is up to you. Replicate the pattern of opening and fixed panes in your existing frames and enjoy improved light levels, better insulation and easier maintenance or throw caution to the wind and choose a radical pared-back style.

Fixed Frame Windows

Not every window needs to open, and there’s something very special about a window with a purpose that’s purely aesthetic. With our windows the frame doesn’t dominate. There’s more view, more light and more interest.

Features of our aluminium windows

The benefits of these windows

  1. Sleek Aesthetics: Aluminium windows boast a modern and elegant appearance, enhancing your home’s curb appeal and interior design.

  2. Durability: Aluminium is a robust material that can withstand various weather conditions without warping, corroding, or fading, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  3. Low Maintenance: These windows require minimal upkeep. They don’t need regular painting or staining and can be easily cleaned with simple soap and water.

  4. Slim Profiles: Aluminium’s strength allows for slim window frames, maximizing your view and allowing more natural light to enter your space.

  5. Energy Efficiency: Aluminium windows can be designed with thermal breaks and energy-efficient glazing, contributing to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

  6. Security: Aluminium is inherently sturdy, providing enhanced security for your home. Advanced locking systems further bolster protection against intruders.

  7. Versatility: Aluminium windows can be tailored to various styles, including flush casement and bay windows, accommodating your design preferences and architectural requirements.

  8. Variety of Finishes: These windows come in an array of finishes, colors, and textures, enabling you to achieve the exact look you desire for your home.

  9. Environmental Friendliness: Aluminium is a highly recyclable material, making aluminium windows a sustainable choice with a lower environmental impact.

  10. Weather Resistance: Aluminium windows excel in harsh climates. They effectively insulate against extreme temperatures, wind, and rain.

  11. Noise Insulation: These windows offer good noise insulation, providing a quieter indoor environment by reducing exterior noise levels.

  12. Increased Property Value: Upgrading to aluminium windows, especially stylish options like flush casement and bay windows, can potentially enhance your home’s market value.

Whether you’re looking for the sleek simplicity of flush casement windows or the architectural elegance of bay windows, incorporating aluminium windows into your home can provide a blend of aesthetics, performance, and durability that can greatly enhance your living space.

Your colour options

All aluminium sections are finished with a tough, durable polyester powder coat, certified to the Qualicoat standard, which surpasses European requirements. The finishes need next to no maintenance – just a quick wipe down to remove surface dirt. For more challenging environments, we can also supply special marine-grade finishes.  There’s a wide choice of stocked colours chosen to enhance all types of building materials and if you want to choose something different, it’s possible to have your windows or doors finished in any RAL colour.

All products come with the following benefits

Energy Efficient

Marketing leading thermal performance


End of life products are given a new lease of life via recycling


Manufactured to the highest quality standards, fully accredited and CE  Marked


Lifetime security guarantee on hardware

Customer reviews

"A huge thank you to You, James and Josh for the brilliant job carried out when installing new windows and doors in our house. We were very impressed with the quality of product and quality of workmanship, the way you Guys tidied up as you went along was also first class."
Jack & Drina
"Mates Rates replaced 4 velux windows for us which we are very pleased with and they were a pleasure to have working in our home. They left the place very tidy and removed all waste from the job. They are expert and efficient, also it was a competitive price. Thanks boys you have done a great job."
Alan & Janette MacRae
"I can't fully express how happy I am with a job the company’s done! Our house looks absolutely beautiful 👍🏼 Also feels nice and cozy 👍🏼Definitely would 100% recommend the company “Mates Rates” to anyone" 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Thanks a lot"
Mariia Kasimova


Our Scottish installation team currently services central Inverness, Glasgow and Aberdeen, including the surrounding areas in a 40 mile radius. If you live around Inverness, our team will be happy to visit Nairn, Dingwall, Alness, Beauly to fit your new aluminium windows.

If you’re based in central Aberdeen, Bridge of Dee, Hilton, Bucksburn, Fairley or the surrounding area, get in touch to request a competitive quote.

If you’re based in central Glasgow, Partick, Broomhill, Mosspark or the surrounding area, our team will happily give you a competitive quote too.

Request a quote today.

Both aluminium and UPVC windows have their merits. Aluminium offers durability and sleekness, while UPVC provides excellent insulation. The choice depends on your priorities.

Aluminium windows are more durable and low-maintenance compared to wood, which requires more upkeep. However, wood offers a classic aesthetic. It’s about balancing preferences and practicality.

Clean aluminium frames with soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Regular cleaning helps maintain their appearance.

Yes, aluminium windows can be painted, but it’s best done by professionals using specialised paints for lasting results.

Condensation is linked to humidity levels. Proper ventilation and using dehumidifiers can help reduce it. High-performance glazing can also minimize condensation.

Aluminium windows tend to be pricier than UPVC due to material and manufacturing costs, but they offer enhanced durability and aesthetics.

Yes, retrofitting double glazing to aluminium windows is possible and can improve energy efficiency.

Gentle cleaning with mild soapy water usually works. For tougher stains, consult a professional or the manufacturer for advice.

Aluminium is a conductor of heat, so it can feel colder to the touch. However, modern aluminium windows with thermal breaks and efficient glazing reduce heat transfer.

Aluminium doesn’t rust like iron or steel, but it can corrode in certain conditions. Proper finishing and regular maintenance prevent corrosion.

The cost varies based on size, style, features, and installation. It’s best to get a personalised quote after assessing your needs.