Vertical Sliding Windows

MatesRates offer a range of vertical sliding windows throughout Scotland. Our installation teams, in Inverness, Glasgow and Aberdeen will be happy to provide you with a free personalised quote.

Why choose our vertical sliders

Traditional styling

Vertical sliding sash windows maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows, whilst incorporating the very best in modern day technology to deliver the low maintenance and high security of PVC-U without the problems associated with timber sash windows.

Quality-assured vertical sliders feature tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning, low-line beads and glazing gaskets for improved sightlines, and energy efficient glass for enhanced thermal performance.

From terraced housing to stately homes, Vertical sliding sash windows enable old-style properties to retain their heritage, character and charm.

A wide range of styles, colours and hardware options can be specified providing the benefits of modern day technology.

Sculptured astragal glazing bars, decorative sash horns, two smoothly sliding sashes and a choice of quality operating hardware options all add to the traditional appeal of these windows.

Features of our vertical sliding windows

Benefits of vertical sliders

Your colour options

Mates Rates offers a range of colour options for vertical sliders. All colours shown below are a guide. Before making your final decision please ensure you have seen a foil swatch.

All products come with the following benefits

Energy Efficient

Marketing leading thermal performance


End of life products are given a new lease of life via recycling


Manufactured to the highest quality standards, fully accredited and CE  Marked


Lifetime security guarantee on hardware

Customer reviews

"A huge thank you to You, James and Josh for the brilliant job carried out when installing new windows and doors in our house. We were very impressed with the quality of product and quality of workmanship, the way you Guys tidied up as you went along was also first class."
Jack & Drina
"Mates Rates replaced 4 velux windows for us which we are very pleased with and they were a pleasure to have working in our home. They left the place very tidy and removed all waste from the job. They are expert and efficient, also it was a competitive price. Thanks boys you have done a great job."
Alan & Janette MacRae
"I can't fully express how happy I am with a job the company’s done! Our house looks absolutely beautiful 👍🏼 Also feels nice and cozy 👍🏼Definitely would 100% recommend the company “Mates Rates” to anyone" 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Thanks a lot"
Mariia Kasimova


Our Scottish installation team currently services central Inverness, Glasgow and Aberdeen, including the surrounding areas in a 40 mile radius. Our team will be happy to visit Nairn, Dingwall, Alness, Beauly to fit your new sash windows.

A vertical sliding window, also known as a sash window, consists of two moveable panels, or sashes, that slide vertically in a single frame. These windows are often used in traditional and period-style homes due to their classic appearance.

Vertical sliding sash windows operate using a system of pulleys, weights, and cords or springs. One sash is fixed, while the other moves up and down to allow for ventilation. Counterweights hidden within the frame assist in the smooth operation of the sliding sashes.

Cleaning vertical sliding windows is straightforward. Open the window to access both sashes. Use a mixture of mild soap and water to clean the frames and glass. Ensure you reach all areas, and then rinse with clean water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

To open a vertical sliding window, simply raise the bottom sash. It should slide upward smoothly. Some windows may have locks or latches that need to be released before opening.

Removing a vertical sliding window from its frame is a complex task best left to professionals. It typically involves disassembling the window, which can be intricate and may require adjustments during reinstallation. Get in touch with our window installation team for support.

Our vertical sliding windows come with integrated locks or catches. These locks are typically located on the meeting rail where the two sashes meet. To secure the window, simply engage the lock by moving it into the locked position.

Draughtproofing vertical sliding sash windows can improve energy efficiency. Apply self-adhesive weatherstripping or draught excluders around the frame where the sashes meet. This helps seal gaps and prevents draughts from entering your home. Properly maintained sash windows should also have brushes or seals in place to reduce draughts.