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Transform your home with our made to measure doors and double glazed windows in Inverness

Transform your home with our made to measure windows and doors in Inverness

Reasons to choose our windows and doors


We are members of the Customer Protection Association, who monitor the standard of our services in Inverness


Deposit Indemnity Insurance for a period of up to 90 days from payment


Our windows and doors come with an insurance backed guarantee scheme (IBG), providing independent protection.

What our customers think

"I am so glad I discovered Mates Rates Ltd. They replaced three of my windows for the best price I could find, in fact they were half the price of the national companies!"
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“We were very impressed with the quality of product and quality of workmanship, the way you Guys tidied up as you went along was also first class. Eight words describe Mates Rates:- Great Price Great Quality Great Job Great Guys”
Jack & Drina
"From my first contact with them on the phone, through the site visit for quoting purposes to having the work done it was seamless and an absolute pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending Mates Rates!"
Roger Macrae
"Excellent service by James, Josh and Scott. Great windows and the installation was carried out diligently, demonstrating craftsmanship and pride of quality job well done A+++ Thanks."
Katja Korpilahti
"Installed new windows to my Property, Nice Tidy job & A good look."
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Our Inverness Doors and Windows Service

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Ready to transform your home? At MatesRates Ltd we install quality windows and doors to Inverness the Highlands and the surrounding area. Enjoy improved comfort, energy savings, and a stylish transformation. Schedule your upgrade today for a better living experience!

We are proud members of FENSA. FENSA is a government-backed organization that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. We are regularly assessed to ensure our compliance to building regulations is maintained. When you choose Mates Rates Inverness for your new windows or doors you be assured. All of our work complies with building regulations and comes with insurance backed guarantees and a FENSA building standards compliance certificate.

11 Reasons to choose MatesRates

At MatesRates Ltd, every installation is personally overseen by the owner. We prioritise precision and quality, ensuring that your window and door projects in central Inverness and the surrounding areas receive hands-on attention. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous supervision provided by the owner, guaranteeing a superior and satisfying experience.

With their wealth of experience and meticulous approach, your window and door installations are in capable hands.

We undergo external audits conducted by both FENSA and the CPA to ensure that our practices and standards meet the highest industry benchmarks. This commitment to external scrutiny reflects our dedication to transparency, quality, and compliance in all aspects of our window and door installation services.

We are proud members of FENSA. FENSA is a government-backed programme that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. We are regularly assessed to ensure our compliance to building regulations is maintained. When you choose MatesRates for your new windows or doors you be assured of 3 things. All of our work complies with building regulations, we are registered with the local council and all work is backed by guarantee insurance.

This accreditation assures our clients of the highest quality service, reliability, and adherence to stringent consumer protection criteria. Trust us for excellence backed by the CPA’s endorsement.

we believe in tailored solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing free personalised quotes for your window and door projects. Each quote is carefully crafted to meet your specific needs, ensuring transparency and accuracy in our pricing. Experience a bespoke approach to home improvement with MatesRates Ltd.

Create custom windows and doors with MatesRates Ltd. Tailor the design to your style, ensuring a unique and personalised touch.

Choose sustainability with MatesRates Ltd. Our windows and doors feature energy-efficient glass, ensuring a greener, more eco-friendly home.

Rely on our Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) for added protection in case of contractor cessation. Choose confidence and documented assurance. Find out more.

Deposit Indemnity Insurance from MatesRates Ltd safeguards your initial payment, offering financial protection and peace of mind throughout your project.

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors from MatesRates Ltd reduces heat loss, enhancing insulation and lowering the need for heating.

“I am so glad I discovered Mates Rates Ltd. They replaced three of my windows for the best price I could find, in fact they were half the price of the national companies! James got the job done as quickly as possible, cleaned up after himself and had great customer service skills.”

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Our Inverness window options

Explore our diverse window options in Inverness. Choose from UPVC casement windows for classic functionality, durability, and energy efficiency.

Opt for sleek and modern aluminium windows, combining strength with contemporary design. Embrace timeless elegance with our sash windows, perfect for adding a touch of traditional charm to your home.

Experience versatility with tilt and turn windows, providing easy maintenance, ventilation options, and a modern aesthetic. Whatever your preference, MatesRates Ltd offers a range of high-quality window solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and elevate the appeal of your Inverness home.

UPVC casement windows are the most popular style in Inverness.  Our made-to-measure UPVC windows are characterised by outward opening vents which are combined with fixed panels (lights). Mates Rates can manufacture almost any size and style! 

Guaranteed against rotting, peeling and flaking these resilient windows, supported by a 10-year warranty, are energy-efficient with new ‘A’ rated double glazing, ensuring optimal thermal performance. They significantly cut heating costs by retaining indoor warmth.

Built from robust aluminium sections, these windows are exceptionally strong. This means they are the ideal option for large panes and structures, without the need for reinforcing. The result is pure class.

Aluminium windows are known for their durability, aesthetics, and modern appeal, making them an excellent choice for contemporary designs and high-end homes.

Our vertical sliding sash windows offer a classic design and superior craftsmanship supported by modern technology.

These windows maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows, whilst incorporating the very best in modern day technology to deliver the low maintenance and high security of UPVC without the problems associated with timber sash windows.

Our ultra secure tilt and turn windows are dual purpose; they can be tilted and opened in a number of ways, giving secure room ventilation and wider opening areas than traditional windows, which makes them much easier to clean. They come with multi-point locking systems for complete peace of mind.

The versatile opening options allow for secure ventilation during mild weather we experience in Inverness, without fully opening the window.

All of our windows come with deposit protection and a 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Our door options in Inverness

Choose composite doors for a perfect blend of strength, security, and style. Explore the versatility of UPVC doors, known for their durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.

Opt for sleek and modern aluminum doors, offering a contemporary look with robust performance. Embrace the openness of bi-fold doors, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Infuse your home with timeless charm using French doors, adding elegance and natural light.

Enhance your living space with patio doors, combining functionality and aesthetics for a smooth transition to the outdoors. MatesRates Ltd brings a range of high-quality door solutions to complement your Inverness home.

These doors are constructed from a mix of materials, making them sturdy, secure, and resistant to warping, rotting, or fading, ensuring longevity in the face of harsh weather conditions. Moreover, composite doors provide excellent insulation, keeping homes warm and energy-efficient, which is especially important in Inverness’ colder climate. MatesRates offer a wide range of designs and finishes, allowing you to design your ideal composite doors, to match your aesthetic preferences and enhance curb appeal.

Additionally, composite doors are highly secure, featuring advanced locking systems, providing homeowners in Inverness with peace of mind regarding their safety. Overall, their durability, energy efficiency, security features, and aesthetic options make composite doors a popular choice.

UPVC front and back doors are thermally efficient, keep out draughts, will keep homes warm and heating bills down. Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional style, a solid panel door or one giving a larger glass area, Mates Rates have a wide range to suit all tastes. You can even design your own.

UPVC Doors Brochure

Aluminium doors are incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for long-term use, even in the harsh weather conditions found in Inverness. Their robust nature provides excellent security, offering homeowners peace of mind.

Our aluminium doors are highly customisable, allowing for various styles, colours, and finishes to match any architectural design or aesthetic preference. We offer 16 different colour options including cream, golden oak and mahogany.

Additionally, aluminium is a lightweight material, making these doors easy to operate and maintain. They also provide excellent insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Choose between UPVC or aluminium bi fold doors with MateRates Inverness. 

Precision engineered to the highest standards, these doors are available in a variety of finishes and folding leaf combinations. The door sashes slide along a thermally-broken aluminium top and bottom track system, designed to ensure years of trouble free service.

Rigid aluminium tracks increase the structural strength and enable easy transportation, preventing excessive flex to ensure that the doors run smoothly, even on long spans with multiple leaf configurations. Bi-fold doors are energy efficient and easy to maintain once installed.

French doors, with their timeless elegance and practical design, infuse your home with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere and a seamless and secure connection between indoors and outdoors.

The double-door design improves ventilation and allows for wide openings, making them perfect for entertaining and enjoying fresh air. French doors improve the aesthetic appeal of any home, adding a touch of sophistication and charm. Additionally, they provide versatility, fitting well in various architectural styles, from classic to contemporary. 

Bring more light into your home and add aesthetic appeal with our UPVC or aluminium hybrid patio doors.

MatesRates UPVC Patio doors are engineered to the highest standards and available in a variety of finishes and choice of sliding and fixed leaf combinations.

UPVC door leaves slide along an excellent stainless-steel track system, designed to ensure years of trouble free service.

These doors are supplied complete with Yale cylinder locks, handle set, steel frame reinforcements, rollers, thresholds, trims, bump stop and anti-lift blocks.

Design your own Inverness windows and doors

Instantly design your new windows and doors from the comfort of your sofa and receive a free quote.

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Your Inverness Installation Team

Our Inverness branch is run and managed by our partner James Taylor who is an Advanced City Guilds joiner. James has over thirty years experience working and running companies in the window and door industry.

Our door and window installation team services a large coverage area around Inverness. Our goal is to help you transform your home, whether you want to improve your home’s aesthetics or maximise heat retention, at friendly rates.

Whether you’re based in central Elgin, Dingwall, Alness, Beauly or the surrounding area, get in touch to request a competitive quote.

FAQs for our Inverness windows and doors customers

Our dedicated window and door installation team proudly serves central Inverness and the surrounding areas within a 40-mile radius, reaching out to communities such as Nairn, Dingwall, Alness, Beauly, Muir of Ord, Conon Bridge, Maryburgh, Invergordon, and beyond.

Wherever you are, our expert team is ready to deliver top-notch service.

MatesRates Ltd is committed to enhancing homes across these diverse neighbourhoods, combining quality craftsmanship with personalised attention.

From the coastal charm of Nairn to the historic appeal of Dingwall and the scenic beauty of Muir of Ord, we are passionate about transforming homes in your community.

Trust MatesRates Ltd to bring quality windows and doors to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless and impactful installation experience in these picturesque Inverness surroundings. Contact us today to schedule a visit and elevate your living space.

We supply and install a variety of window options in the Inverness area, these include UPVC windows, Aluminium windows, tilt and turn windows and vertical sliding windows.

Our Inverness team can install UPVC or aluminium front doors, composite doors, UPVC patio or french doors and UPVC or aluminium bi fold doors. 

Inverness is one of the driest but coldest areas in Scotland, for this reason we would recommend double glazing for all your windows as a bare minimum. A strong, sturdy window, such as our aluminium options would be your best bet. With regards doors, any of our options are ideal as they all incorporate highly efficient thermal technology.

The cost of window and door installation can vary depending on factors such as the type of windows and doors, size, materials, and installation complexity.

Because every house and installation is different, we recommend getting in touch for a free consultation with our Inverness installation experts. Call our Inverness branch today on 01463 641 256

While a typical installation will take a few days, the time it takes will vary depending on how many windows or doors our Inverness team is fitting for you. 

For Inverness, an excellent front door choice would be a Composite door. Here’s why:

Composite doors offer a compelling blend of durability, aesthetics, and insulation, making them particularly well-suited for Inverness’s unique environment. 

The city’s variable weather conditions, including cold temperatures, demand a door that can withstand the elements, and composite doors, composed of materials like uPVC, wood, and glass fibre, excel in this regard.

Beyond their resilience, composite doors also provide an opportunity to infuse Scottish design elements. Many manufacturers offer customization options, allowing you to incorporate intricate patterns or glasswork inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Inverness. This not only adds a personalised touch but also integrates your front door seamlessly into the local aesthetic.

Moreover, composite doors prioritise security with robust features, an essential consideration for any homeowner. The peace of mind offered by the door’s strength and durability is invaluable, especially in a city setting like Inverness.

A Composite door stands out as an optimal choice for Inverness, offering a harmonious balance of weather resistance, cultural relevance, and security.