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Peace of mind for our customers throughout your entire project.


The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) provides its members with Insurance Backed Guarantees for every project. This protects you in the unlikely event that a tradesperson or company ceases to trade due to liquidation or bankruptcy. We also provide deposit protection for home improvement projects.

If, due to the liquidation, receivership, administration or winding up of the business due to bankruptcy, state retirement or death of the principal(s), the company no longer exists – you will be covered by the IBG.

However, the guarantee given to the installing company by the CPA is valid the whole time they are trading and so any defects should be corrected by them.


Depending on the work undertaken the IBG is available for a period up to 10 years and is underwritten by an authorised insurer.

consumer protection association certificate

Press Release

Good news for consumers as Mates Rates Ltd windows & Doors celebrates achieving sought-after membership

Mates Rates Ltd is delighted to announce that it has been granted a Consumer

Protection Association (CPA) membership license.

The CPA is a national organization that has been protecting consumers for over twenty years and is recognized as the number one organization for protecting property owners when they make a major home improvement purchase.

The organization was launched to combat the problems that arise when a company goes out of business, whilst carrying out home improvement work for a consumer. This would often leave consumers out of pocket, see them lose their deposit or left to deal with a product that develops a fault but for which no guarantee is in place because the company is no longer around.

But when purchasing from a CPA accredited firm, consumers can eliminate this risk by ensuring they apply for both the deposit and guarantee insurance.

Consumers also know that when purchasing from a CPA licensed member, they can protect their deposit payment and guarantee in the unlikely event of the installer entering liquidation or bankruptcy.

Only companies that can demonstrate best-practice; high-levels of craftsmanship; and a history of first class customer service are accepted to join the organization, following a rigorous vetting process.

The CPA also asks consumers applying for work carried out by a CPA member to complete a survey and rate the company on a number of factors. This helps the CPA to evaluate the performance of the member, so that potential customers can have access to feedback as to how the company have performed in the past.

On being awarded membership, John Frew, MD of Mates Rates Ltd said: “We’re over the moon to have become members of the CPA. This says a lot about our company as only the best are afforded membership.”

Jeremy Brett Director of CPA comments: “Mates Rates Ltd have demonstrated that they are a quality company and will give their customers a first class service. We’re delighted to welcome them to the Consumer Protection Association. CPA membership makes it easy for the homeowner as they know they are buying into quality and that their money and livelihood is protected.”