Common Door Lock FAQs & Simple Solutions

Here’s a comprehensive FAQ guide from our Inverness door installation experts addressing common questions related to door locks, covering topics such as adjusting multi-point locks, dealing with frozen locks, changing locks on UPVC doors, measuring door locks, and replacing locks on front doors.

How to Adjust a Multi-Point Door Lock

Inspect the Door:

Identify any misalignment or issues with the door lock by carefully inspecting the door and frame.

Loosen Screws:

Locate the screws on the lock’s faceplate and gently loosen them without fully removing.

Adjust Rollers or Bolts:

Adjust the rollers or bolts on the lock mechanism, ensuring they align with the door frame.

Tighten Screws:

Once adjustments are made, securely tighten the screws on the faceplate.

What to Do If Your Door Lock is Frozen

Heat the Key:

Gently heat your key using a lighter or warm water. Insert the warm key into the lock.

Use De-Icer:

Apply a commercial de-icer directly into the lock mechanism. Follow the product’s instructions.

Warm Towel:

Wrap a warm towel around the lock to thaw any ice or frost. Be cautious not to overheat the lock.

Avoid Force:

Avoid using excessive force to prevent damaging the lock. Patience is key in dealing with frozen locks.

How to Change a Door Lock on UPVC Door

Remove the Old Lock:

Unscrew and remove the old lock from the door, ensuring you have access to the inner components.

Choose a New Lock:

Select a new UPVC door lock that matches the dimensions and specifications of the old lock.

Install the New Lock:

Install the new lock according to the manufacturer’s instructions, securing it with screws.

Test Operation:

Test the new lock’s operation to ensure it engages smoothly and securely.

How to Measure a Door Lock

Measure the Backset:

Measure the distance from the center of the lock’s faceplate to the center of the keyhole. This is the backset measurement.

Measure the Borehole Diameter:

Measure the diameter of the borehole where the lock fits into the door.

Determine the Handing:

Identify the handing of the door, whether it’s left-handed or right-handed, to choose a compatible lock.

How to Change Locks on a Front Door

Choose a New Lock:

Select a new front door lock that suits your security needs and complements the door’s aesthetics.

Remove the Old Lock:

Unscrew and remove the old lock, taking note of the placement of screws and components.

Install the New Lock:

Install the new lock, aligning it with the existing holes and securing it with provided screws.

Test Operation:

Test the new lock’s operation with the key to ensure it locks and unlocks smoothly.

By understanding how to adjust, troubleshoot, and replace door locks, homeowners can maintain the security and functionality of their doors. If in doubt or facing complex issues, it’s advisable to consult a professional locksmith for assistance.

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